Thanks so much for engaging in depth, Stephen! In general, the difference between the macro and supra levels is that the former (macro) is at the systems level (economic, social, ecological systems), whereas the latter (supra) is at the existential (or cosmological, or even spiritual) level.

So when it comes the the thriveable phase, I would see macro thriveability applying to systems — in the ThriveAbility Foundation days (2013–2016 or so), we talked about “net positive” in the regenerative phase, where past degenerative impacts were “netted” out by regenerative (or restorative) impacts in the present, as compared to “gross positive” in the thriveable phase, where we have essentially engineered degenerative impacts out of our systems, and now operate within living systems cycles where “negative” impacts are part of the natural metabolism of regeneration.

At the Supra level, Alexander Laszlo pointed out in a recent call that Thriveability has an additional layer of spiritual understanding and fulfillment that transcends the kinds of systemic harmonies encompassed at the macro level.

Another way to think of it is through a thermodynamic lens (the ultimate existential approach), where humanity comes to understand the 3rd Law of Syntropy, unlocking our ability to engage more creatively with the inevitability of Entropy…

Of course, all of this is tentative and emergent at the moment, so we welcome further feedback — we’re glad to co-create this thinking together :-)

Catalyzing systems change toward thrivance. Co-Founder

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