Hi Kevin — I’m responding as the lead author of this particular article in the series. I’m very glad to see you in-depth engagement with this piece — thanks for the highlighting. And thanks for your feedback.

I have a dual response: First, I hear you that this seems complicated. Resolving the entrenched unsustainable practices of companies, investors, etc… that roll up into an unsustainable global economic system is indeed hard and complicated work — not for the faint of heart! As I like to point out, collateralized debt obligations are complicated, but that didn’t prevent their uptake. It’s really a question of whether the complexity reflects reality (as we believe our approach does) or masks underlying unreality (as CDOs do).

Second, I’m scratching my head a bit at your suggestion that this piece “falls short of providing meaningful guidance.” We included 13 links to actual initiatives that are being used right now (eg 400+ companies employing Science Based Targets), as well as links to articles on our own guidance that is being piloted by prominent companies such as BT.

I’d love to hear more from you on what meaningful guidance would look like, as we’re certainly keen to fulfill this. And perhaps you’d like to collaborate with us on this — we’d welcome you as an Advocation Partner: https://reporting3.org/advocation-partners/

Catalyzing systems change toward thrivance. Co-Founder http://r30.org/ http://SustyContext.org http://currnt.com/ https://www.cchange.net/

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